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Our environmental policy supports our goal to minimize the impact of our operations. We hold our commitment to reusing, recycling, renovating and reducing our ecological footprint in high regard.
We are members of the Estonian Social Enterprise Network!

Looming Hostel implements the following environmental principles:

  • 99% of our furniture is reused

  • we use resources effectively and economically

  • we always prefer natural materials and nature friendly products

  • all cleansers we use have eco or nature-friendly label or we use soda and vinegar

  • biological waste is turned into vermicompost by compost worms

  • laundry company uses only allergy free detergents

  • we produce as little trash as we can and everything gets sorted very carefully

  • we train our employees in environmental responsibilities

  • we also encourage our guests to act responsibly towards the environment

Cozydoubleroomin Looming Hostel Tartu

Our future plans:

  • rainwater harvesting system (using rainwater for flushing in toilets)

  • solar panels and -tubes for producing electricity and hot water

Aquaponics taimede kasvatamine, Looming Hostel Tartu