Looming hostel offers Tartu guests a unique and cozy accommodation experience, inspiration and a social environment. 

The hostel operates according to sustainable principles and encourages its guests and community members to think along and see different ways to operate sustainably and with respect for the environment.

We value recycling and a reasonable attitude to the resources available to us. With our activities, we want to reduce the ecological footprint of both ourselves and our visitors.

In Looming hostel:

  • 90% of the furniture comes from thrift stores, is recycled or built from recycled materials. 
  • We use ecological and environmentally friendly cleaning products or vinegar solution.
  • We wash our bed linen in-house using biological cleaning agents, which are also suitable for allergy sufferers. 
  • We don’t iron our bed linen – we prefer to leave it on the clothesline to straighten. 
  • We offer breakfast only for groups and by preorder. For daily breakfast you can buy a DIY porridge or muesli breakfast kit from reception. Hostel breakfast is always vegetarian! 
  • With the help of guests, we sort the waste generated in the hostel into household waste, packaging, paper and cardboard, bottles, glass packaging and bio-waste. 
  • We train people working in our collective to be environmentally aware and let them apply their knowledge on a daily basis. 
  • We ask our visitors to follow environmentally friendly practices and share their knowledge with us and other visitors.
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The Looming hostel team consists of diligent reception staff who are responsible for receiving guests, managing reservations and the general well-being of the hostel. Hostel manager who oversees the big picture, the welfare of the hostel and all the people in it. 

An integral part of Looming are volunteers from different countries who help us with cleaning, renovation, handicraft projects and help us create a social and hospitable atmosphere. 

Last, but not least, are the owners of the Looming hostel, Sigrit and Helgur, who support the operation of the hostel with everything they got.