Our worldview

Looming hostel aims to minimize our operations impact on the environment. We hold in high regard our commitment to reusing, recycling, renovating and reducing our ecological footprint. 

We implement the following environmental principles:

  • Most of our furniture is from second hand shops, reused or made from recycled materials
  • We use resources effectively and economically
  • We prefer natural and environmentally friendly materials
  • All cleansers we use have eco or nature-friendly label or we use soda and vinegar
  • We produce as little trash as we can. We sort the generated waste into household waste, packaging, paper and cardboard, bottles and biowaste 
  • Breakfast at the hostel is vegetarian 
  • We train our employees to be environmentally conscious and let them apply their knowledge on a daily basis
  • We also encourage our guests to act responsibly towards the environment and share their knowledge with us and other guests

Our team

Looming hostel team includes

Diligent permanent employees who are responsible for managing bookings, taking care of the hostel and creating a great customer experience 

Volunteers from different countries, whose tasks include cleaning and helping the visitors 

And of course the founders of the hostel Sigrit and Helgur, who manage the business and help in any way they can