The private apartments are cozy rooms with a private bathrooms and a kitchenettes, available in two sizes – a family apartment and a mini apartment. 

The family apartments can accommodate up to five people and we can make them with double or twin beds.

The mini-apartments can accommodate up to three people. The room has a built-in double bed, but an extra bed is available. 

The apartments have everything you need for a shorter stay!

Private rooms

The cozy private rooms share a bathroom, kitchen and other common areas with the rest of the guests, but allow for more privacy at night. 

Our private rooms comfortably accommodate two to four people, but are also ideal for one traveler. 

All rooms can have double or twin beds in them.

Each room is decorated in a different color scheme, with lively bedding, plants, a selection books and paintings.


Comfortable bed in a 6 or 16-bed dormitory room with shared bathroom, kitchen and common areas. A bed in our dormitory is an ideal option for a traveler looking for affordable accommodation. 

Beds in dormitories are separated by privacy curtains, sockets and lamps are available. Rooms also have lockers and desks. 

The dormitories carry the real hostel vibe, where communication with other visitors is almost mandatory. 

However, there is a requirement for a nightly quiet time in the rooms, so that comfortable and simple accommodation can be enjoyed by all travelers.

Shared facilities

Our dormitory and private rooms on the third floor share showers, toilets, a kitchen, a living room and a spacious roof terrace. In total, guests have access to four showers and four toilets. 

The hostel’s green living room offers a variety of houseplants, an aquaponic system, books and board games. 

The kitchen has a fridge, hob, oven and microwave, as well as pots, pans, dishes, cutlery and everything else you may need. We also have a garbage sorting center in the kitchen, where we divide garbage into household trash, packaging, paper and cardboard, bottles and biodegradable waste. From 08:30 to 10:00, you can enjoy breakfast, if you have ordered it during check-in. 

In the summer, our spacious terrace, filled with greenery, offers guests extra space. The terrace is divided into several sections where different groups can spend the day. There is also space on the terrace for various activities.