If you have free time, cool ideas and are looking for something to do, you are always welcome to come and help us out! We are looking for people to help with cleaning and other various tasks! If you are interested, you can write to us at info@loominghostel.ee.

Looming Hostel has been in Tartu for over 10 years and is operated by an NGO. Our hostel family currently has 6 members, most of us are students, and 2 of us have been here from the beginning. We divide all chores between us, so nothing gets too monotonous. Everything that needs to be done gets done as a team. In addition, every member has some extra tasks to tackle that correspond best to their specific skills. Our environment is very friendly and warm, volunteers are treated as family members

For the summer of 2022 we are also looking for a reception worker. We would love to have someone with experience or interest in hostel work. The work would be approximately 20 hours a week, but it may vary depending on everyone’s schedule. Contact us for more information.